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NASCAR racing is a very popular sport in the United States for several reasons. There's the undeniable draw of raw power, speed, and skill on display at each and every NASCAR race. There's the thunderous roar as the pack of cars goes by. Then there's the grass roots, down to earth vibe exhibited by nearly every person involved in NASCAR. Most of all, though, NASCAR has true heroes. Heroes who rise above and do breathtaking things, and heroes who show up to each race, no matter the obstacle, and do what they do. Heroes like Kasey Kahne.

Kyle Busch grew up on NASCAR tracks and before TV cameras, and at only 25 he tapped T.J. Reid, 21, to pilot his Snowball entry for Kyle Busch Motorsports. Busch was the 2009 winner of this coveted race.

If the article is accurate, Dale Jr. ought to be lionized by the metrosexual East coast self-appointed elite, the one whose members are of the unshakable opinion everyone born south of the Mason-Dixon line are the byproducts of in-breeding while they themselves need two hands to carry a six-pack. Don't hold your breath waiting for this to happen. Self-induced asphyxiation is a wretched way to go. No, one is best advised to write this off as yet another chapter in the ongoing saga that permeates much of the mainstream media. Namely, disrespect for all things, and individuals, nascar communication.

If you have a NASCAR racing fan in your life, you know that Sunday afternoons and the occasional Saturday night are reserved strictly for watching the race from early spring until November. If your fan is lucky enough to have attended a live race, he or she is probably even more enthusiastic! Outside of tickets to a race, here are 10 items that will fit in your budget and please almost any NASCAR devotee.

How about the automotive world? NASCAR racing might be the best sort of gift to get a dude who loves the rumbling speed of this sport. There are also gifts to consider that are related to freedom loving motorcyclists as well.

In other movie news, OWN has retained the rights to "Lee Damiels' The Butler," notes The Wrap. That should come as no surprise given OWN is Oprah Winfrey's network. She stars in the film as well.

The schedule will be hectic and may have an effect on her success. While the amount of ARCA races is undetermined, she will still drive the seventeen races series with the Andretti Green Indy race team. ARCA races will be either before or after her other race commitments. She will be teaming up with another new driver Kelly Bires who is joining JR Motorsports. Skeptics believe she will not be able to handle the "rough and tumble" nature of NASCAR and even if the others drivers cut her some slack, she still is going to have to be able to adapt to door to door style of NASCAR and the inevitable accidents that happen in every race. Time will tell if she gives up and goes back to the Indy league.

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