Cooking Pork - Simple And Delicious Pork Recipes You Can Use

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The pork baby back ribs come from EURyou guessed itEUR the back of the pig and depending on where you buy the meat can have a fair amount of loin meat attached and could weigh as much as two pounds or more.

Another item that goes on sale at a regular interval is pork tenderloin crock pot. Normally, it's 3.99 a pound. I would never pay 3.99 a pound! On a regular basis the store will sell a whole pork loin for 1.99 a pound, sliced free! That's a 2.00 a pound savings so if you buy a ten pound pork loin you save 20.00. Cheese freezes well, when cheese is on sale I stock up on it. Usually, the sliced goes on sale for 1.00 to 1.50 a package when normally it costs 2.75; I buy a case and freeze it. One particular brand of shredded cheese goes on sale for 1.45 for a 16 oz package, when now they are averaging 2.75 or more. That's time to "squirrel" up the cheese.

Layer potatoes, then carrots on the bottom of the slow cooker, line top with beef. Sprinkle with soy sauce, salt, pepper, and flour. Mix the beef broth and tomato sauce and pour over everything and cook on high setting for 5-7 hours.

2) Invest in a slow cooker--Nothing beats coming home to a dinner that is already made. Slow cookers are very energy efficient, and are a great time saver. Take a few minutes, throw together some ingredients and you'll have a great dinner to feed the starving multitudes when they come hurling through the door. You can make mega pots of things like stew, spaghetti sauce and soups so that you'll have enough leftovers to freeze for another meal. Another benefit is that you'll spend less money eating out, and you can control the amount of sodium and saturated fat your family is consuming.

Rye and barley are grains which take a long time to soften so these are not recommended for slow cooking. Soak grains in water before slow cooking them and you will speed up their cooking time.

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On the higher end, you can get this cooker trio, slow cooker asda separate heating dials for all three crocks for about one hundred dollars. And many other choices and options for a variety of prices in between.